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It is possible that a wire may break, or that a band or bracket may become loose. Don’t panic!! If a bracket breaks off, you may use dental wax to cover the bracket. If a wire is broken, use nail clippers or small scissors to cut the wire next to the nearest bracket. If the wire is poking your cheek, cut it and cover the end of the wire with dental wax. If a band becomes loose, you may try to slip it off of the tooth. If this does not work, leave it on. It may bounce while eating but it is not dangerous or harmful.


In the event that any of these situations occur, call the office to make an appointment as soon as possible to repair the breakage. To avoid needless emergency appointments, hard or sticky foods must be avoided, as they, and picking at the appliances are the major causes of breakage. Below is our no excuses food list to remind you of foods and food groups that should be avoided at all costs.



What to do if a bracket breaks off and how to clip a wire: 
How to turn the expander: 
How to floss with braces:
How to use proxy brush:
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