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Appointments are usually scheduled several weeks in advance of the actual date, so please keep your appointment card where it will be highly visible (bulletin board, refrigerator, door, etc.)

Most appointments can be made during after school hours. However, since the majority of our practice deals with children and working adults, it is sometimes necessary to see our patients during morning or early afternoon hours. Appointments for the initial banding or bonding of braces and for appliance removal will be scheduled in the morning.

Most appointments are scheduled at 5-8 week intervals for best treatment progress. Cancelled or missed appointments, for any reason, can upset orthodontic treatment plans and compromise the results. It may take several weeks to reschedule appointments, and therefore a longer treatment time may result.

ONE set of clear replacement retainers will be provided to the patient at no cost. A fee will be incurred for any subsequent replacements.

There will come a time where routine retainer check ups are no longer necessary and the patient will be dismissed. However, if the patient needs to be seen for an emergency or to replace retainers there will be an office fee at the time of the visit along with any fees to replace an appliance.

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